Find a Gas Station Car Wash Near You!

Are you getting ready for a big trip, or simply want your car to make a great first impression? Try the Super Tunnel Car Wash at your local Common Cents Store. Choose your favorite car wash package and vacuum the inside. Common Cents offers everything you need for a winter road trip, a busy week of driving, or a convenient pit stop on your way home. Find gasoline or diesel fuel, snacks, grab-and-go meals, and a gas station car wash to keep your car in good shape. 


A Gas Station With a Car Wash Is Always Handy

You'll find Common Cents Stores across Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota—but did you know you'll find a friendly gas station car wash at many of our locations? We want to make it simple for you to have everything you need for a safe, comfortable, and fun ride, no matter where the road takes you. With a convenient car wash just a quick trundle away from the pump, you can clean your car without a long wait or frustrating search.

Cleaning your car offers benefits like:

A SHINY EXTERIOR: Have a bright, clean car in your driveway by washing away road stains, bugs, chemicals, and dirt. Not only will your car look great, but this helps preserve the paint and finish.

SAFETY: Cleaning your windows, windshield, and exterior mirrors means you have better visibility. Dirt and buildup can cause streaks or make it hard to see details at night. It can even reflect sunlight and make morning or afternoon commutes more dangerous! But by cleaning the windows with our specialty cleaning chemicals, you get crystal-clear lines of sight all around your vehicle.

WASH AWAY SALTS & CHEMICALS: Our communities are home to heavy snowfall, and that means lots of snowmelt chemicals and salts on the road. While they make it easier to drive, these chemicals can grab onto your car's wheels, undercarriage, and sides, where they can do damage if they stay too long. With a quick and convenient gas station car wash, you can rinse them away.

CLEAN THE INTERIOR, TOO: When you visit one of our locations with a vacuum, you can also give the inside of your car a quick cleanup. Vacuum up pet hair, food crumbs, dirt, and anything else that's stuck to the seats or on the floor. 

Common Cents offers easy-to-use car washes, so cleaning your car can be a routine activity instead of an infrequent chore. When you regularly clean your car, you enjoy more of the benefits. You can also more easily check your car for paint chips and damage so rust spots and problems don't grow out of sight. Once you're done washing your car, come inside for a snack!


Why Choose Super Tunnel Car Wash at Common Cents Stores

Our Super Tunnel Car Washes are the go-to solution for individual car owners, veterans, and business owners. We serve everyone in our local communities!

Have a Fleet?

Regularly washing your business vehicles helps your company create a great first impression for your customers, clients, and anyone you pass on the road. It's also a small investment that gives you more insight into the health and performance of every car.

Welcome to the Military - Active Duty Service Members and Retired Veterans

We're proud to serve retired veterans and active duty service members. Reach out to your local Common Cents to learn more about our discounts and programs.

New Vehicle - No Worries at Common Cents Stores with Super Tunnel Car Washes

Keep that 'new car clean' for longer by washing your car. We make it easier to clean your car in a way that fits your schedule, your commute, and your budget. 

Looking for a car wash? Reach out today to see which of our nearby locations has a car wash and vacuum!