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2020 Charity Golf

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Who would have thought that it was possible to raise a record amount of money for charity during a pandemic?

Common Cents . . . That’s Who!!!

Our annual Common Cents Charity Golf Tournament again supported Shriners in the 5 states that we operate.I am pleased to report that because of all of our efforts, we raised an all-time record amount of $95,000 to support Shriners during a year when they needed our help the most.

Although because of Covid 19, this year’s tournament hosted 25% less players than previous events, the total money raised was a record amount of $41,000 after all expenses.

Players got a chance for some good old fashioned fun and comradery on and off of the golf course with some good food thrown in as well.



September 25, 2020

Common Cents Event
Sep 25, 2020