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2019 Charity Golf

Event Details

The charity golf tournament invites Common Cents suppliers and our employees to spend a day of fun competition with the goal of raising money for a deserving local charity.As an additional source of support, Common Cents employees raise money in each store with the support of customer donations to the same charity.

Beginning in 2000 that charity has been the Shriners Patient Transportation Funds of the 6 Shriners groups in South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.All monies donated support each Shrine organization which helps allow them to continue to transport local children free of charge to Shriners Hospitals for Children nationwide.

Those Shriner groups are Naja Shriners of Western South Dakota, Tehama Shriners in Northern Nebraska, Kalif Shriners in Northern Wyoming, Korein Shriners in Southern Wyoming, El Korah Shriners in Idaho and El Kalah Shriners in Utah.

The first year total was $15,000.As the years have passed and the enthusiasm for supporting our charity has grown amongst our suppliers, customers and employees to the point that year after year the total has grown to this year’s mark of $83,000 which pushed the grand total over the ONE MILLION DOLLARmark!

A big shout-out has to be made to all of our suppliers who travel from across the country to secure financial support of their companies to join Common Cents in giving back to our community.

Speaking of community, an even bigger shout-out has to go to each and every one of our Common Cents stores.Without the support of our team members and especially our customers, we wouldn’t have been able to reach this milestone.

Thank you Common Cents.Thank you, Gil, Clark, Gib and Trevor Moyle.You have allowed me to be part of this great event and support a charity that I am so deeply involved with and believe in so strongly!

Steve Hendrickson

Category & Merchandising Manager


September 10, 2019

Common Cents Event
Sep 10, 2019