Common Cents Stores

2015 Charity Golf

Event Details

We began with our golf tournament which was again held in Rapid City at the Golf Course at Red Rock on September 10th. The weather was perfect, the attendance was awesome (140 golfers), the event was fun and the money raised was huge. After expenses, the tournament raised over $34,000 for the 1 day event.

But, the real story is the effort in the field by all of our store team members . . .

During the month of September, our store teams asked customers to look into their hearts and their wallets to donate pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, $1 bills and in a surprisingly large number of times $5 bills that stays locally to support local children whose families need help getting to Shriners Hospitals.

And wow, did they respond! Our store personnel collected over $56,000 this year!!

Store 123 raised the highest total this year at $3,970. Stores that collected over $3,500 were 204, 111 & 162 and stores 102 and 124 crossed the $3,000 mark.

So, add it all together and that makes $90,000 raised this year which tops the previous record by $18,000 and takes the total amount raised in the past 16 years to a staggering $767,500!

Now that’s worth bragging about!

September 10, 2015

Common Cents Event
Sep 10, 2015