Keeping your New Year's resolution: Guilt-Free Cocktails
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Keeping your New Year's resolution: Guilt-Free Cocktails

As we kick-start another year filled with hopes, dreams, and of course, resolutions, let’s raise our glasses (not our calorie intake!) with these guilt-free liquor options.

You've committed to those resolutions, and while part of that may mean less eating out, fewer sugar-filled desserts, or a consistent gym schedule, it doesn't necessarily have to mean no cocktails or fun-filled nights out. Yes, we said it - keeping your resolution does not need to compromise your social life!

In the spirit of ringing in the New Year on a healthy note, we have compiled a list of low-calorie liquor options that will ensure you're not pouring all your fitness resolutions down the drain with each clink of your glass. So read on and drink smart!

1. Vodka:   Arguably the lowest calorie option out of all spirits, vodka comes in at around 97 calories per 1.5 ounces, 0 grams of carbs and comes in a great many flavor varieties. Even better, the delicious flavors like green apple and raspberry don’t add to the calorie content of this tried and true spirit.

If you’re not an “on the rocks” type of person, Vodka is a great spirit for mixed cocktails. Just make sure you are opting for low-calorie mixers. Club soda and sparkling water provide the right conduit for a guilt-free cocktail, or mix a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice for a sweeter option that stays below 150 calories.


What you will need: All natural zero calorie brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, crisp apple sparking water (or apple cider) and vodka. Add an optional star anise for garnish if you’re feeling extra fancy.


  • Add the brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice to small plate for the sugar rim mixture.
  • Wet rim of glass and dip into the mixture
  • Add crisp apple sparkling water to cocktail shaker, 1.5 oz of vodka and ½ cup of ice.
  • Shake (30-60 seconds)
  • Strain into glass and enjoy!

2. Whiskey: Who knew! You can rejoice as your favorite spirit is in fact, low calorie. This classic and robust liquor is often enjoyed straight or on the rocks and comes in at only 105 calories.

Unfortunately, whiskey is enjoyed frequently with high-sugar, high-calorie mixers like soda. Stay strong and opt for low-calorie mixers like diet soda or give our Skinny Whiskey Sour a try.


SKINNY WHISKEY SOUR – 112 calories

What you will need: Equal parts whiskey, lemon juice, water (1.5oz), 1 packet of stevia and an optional lemon slice for garnish.


  • Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker half-full of ice.
  • Shake (30-60 seconds)
  • Strain into glass and enjoy!

Fun fact! Whiskey Sours were popular in the 1800’s with sailors. They mixed in lemon or lime to help prevent scurvy.

3. Tequila: At around 104 calories per 1.5 ounces, tequila doesn’t come in far behind vodka. Contrary to what you may think, tequila is not just for margaritas! This spirit has a wide range of styles and flavor characteristics, find the right flavor and you too will know what means to truly enjoy blue agave.  We recommend finding a tequila that says “100% agave” on the bottle, your throat will thank us later as you won’t get the typical burn associated with the 51% agave counterparts.

Enjoy it on the rocks or with some fresh lime juice and a touch of agave nectar for a healthy margarita alternative.

SKINNY PALOMA – 104 calories

What you will need: 1.5 oz tequila, grapefruit soda, fresh lime juice.



  • Mix all ingredients in cocktail glass
  • Add ice
  • Squeeze lime juice on top
  • Stir and enjoy!

4. Rum: Dark liquors often carry heavy connotations, but in reality, one shot of rum only holds about 97 calories. This 17th century creation started on the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean. Rum can be separated into six distinct flavor profiles (Light, Herbaceous, Tropical, Fruity and Dry) providing greater variation than the coconut flavor you may remember from your youth.

The great news is you don’t have to add much too rum to make it delicious. Just add a splash of lime or mix it with diet cola and you've got yourself a low-cal cocktail.

MOJITO LIGHT – 143 calories

What you will need: 1.5oz light rum, 10 fresh mint leaves, liquid stevia, lime, club soda.



  • Add mint and 1 lime wedge to cup
  • Muddle together
  • Add 2 tsp liquid stevia and remaining lime wedges
  • Muddle together
  • Add ice and rum
  • Fill remainder of glass with club soda
  • Enjoy!

5. Gin: We don’t call it Gin-u-ary for nothing. This spirit is a great option if you enjoy a cocktail with a little more flavor. At 115 calories per 1.5 ounces, mix it with a tonic or club soda and plenty of fresh lime for a refreshing and waistline-friendly beverage.

SALTY DOG – 191 calories

What you will need: 1.5oz Gin, pink grapefruit juice, rim salt



  • Add gin and 3 oz of pink grapefruit juice to cocktail shaker
  • Shake (30-60 seconds)
  • Rim glass with salt
  • Add ice cube
  • Pour contents of shaker to cup
  • Enjoy!


6. Dry Wines: Opt for a dry red or white wine if you’re looking to sip on something lighter. At around 123 calories for 5 ounces, dry wines tend to contain less sugar and fewer calories than sweeter alternatives. Be sure to check the label as not all dry wines will have the same calorie contents before bringing it home.

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Looking for something a little lighter? Give Josh Cellars Chardonnay a try. This well balanced Chardonnay offers bright citrus notes, honey and peach with a hint of oak.

 7. Light Beer: While it isn’t a spirit, light beer is worth mentioning as it’s a common go-to for calorie-conscious drinkers. At around 95-100 calories per can or bottle, light beer can be a great option, for those who prefer the flavors of barley and hops to distilled agave or fermented grapes.

8. Champagne: Last but not least on our list of low-calorie options is champagne. No longer do you need a reason to breakout the bubbly. Celebrate your successful resolution keeping with champagne! A flute of bubbles only comes in at around 85-95 calories.

Remember, moderation is key in maintaining any healthy lifestyle, including when enjoying these lower calorie spirited options. Your health is always a worthwhile investment. Here’s to sticking to our resolutions in a fun, sociable way in the coming year!

May your 2024 be filled with moments of joy, love, prosperity, good health, and of course, wonderful, low-calorie cocktails. Cheers!

Be sure to follow along with more blogs to come as we continue to explore all things liquor! As always, we encourage all our Common Cents liquor store readers to please drink responsibly. We only serve to ages 21+.