Get Creative: DIY Liquor Infusions at Home!
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Get Creative: DIY Liquor Infusions at Home!

Infused liquors are here to stay. You can buy them pre-made but here is a fun way to play with flavors at home! Shake things up a bit and start making your own custom-flavored spirits right at home. It is way easier than it sounds, and you’ll impress your pals with your very own bespoke cocktails in no time. Plus, it's a total game changer for your home bar setup. Let's dive into how you can become the infusion master. 

Let’s get down to business. First, select your liquor base. The most popular liquors to use are vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey and gin. Although, you can use just about any liquor for your infusion. If you are looking for something smooth and versatile, vodka will be your best option. It works with everything and acts as a blank canvas for any flavor combination. For the more adventurous try something bolder such as rum or whiskey. They bring their own sugar and provide deeper, warmer notes to any infusion mixture. 

Not sure where to start? No stress. Cruise down to Common Cents Liquor Store and see what speaks to you. Maybe it's that craft gin with an intricate label or a tequila that promises a good time. And hey, it's okay to play the field. Grab a couple different bottles. Experimenting is half the fun.

Remember, your choice of base is going to set the stage for your infusion. Citrus and gin are practically soulmates, but toss some berries in vodka, and you've got yourself a party. The point is, pick a liquor that gets you excited about the magic you're about to make. No rules here, just pure, creativity waiting to be unleashed.

Now is the time to think of your flavor combinations and the options are truly endless. Looking for a more tropical flavor profile; just toss some mango or pineapples. Interested in a more earthy, herby mood? Try rosemary, thyme and basil for a sophisticated twist. 

If you take into consideration the flavors that your spirit already offers, it is easy to find amazing flavor combinations. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Vodka – Fresh strawberries & vanilla bean
  • Vodka – Rosemary & lemon
  • Vodka – Watermelon & jalapeno
  • Vodka – Lavender & vanilla
  • Tequila – Jalapenos & lime
  • Tequila – Cucumber & mint
  • Tequila – Coffee 
  • Tequila – Coconut & lime
  • Gin – Fresh ginger, lemon & cardamom
  • Gin – Mixed berries & thyme
  • Gin – Orange zest & hibiscus flowers
  • Gin – Rosemary & juniper berries
  • Gin – Raspberry & thyme
  • Rum – Fresh pineapple & chili
  • Rum – Fresh pineapple & mint
  • Rum – Fresh Apples, Cinnamon, sugar & vanilla
  • Rum – Hibiscus, ginger & lemon
  • Whiskey – Orange & chocolate
  • Whiskey – Peach & cinnamon
  • Whiskey – Cherry, pecan & maple syrup
  • Whiskey – Cranberries, orange & cinnamon

Hopefully, we have sparked some inspiration with our favorites. Now it is time to prep your ingredients. 

For fresh fruit make sure you wash each one thoroughly. To ensure you are releasing as much of the flavor as possible you may want to peel, chop or use the zest in your infusion. Green herbs especially can just be rinsed before adding to your concoction. Mint in particular releases its flavor more if slightly muddled. If you are adding a little spice to your life, give them a little crush before adding. It will make the world of difference. 

Now that the prep is complete, grab a clean jar or bottle – something that’s got a good seal on it. Pile in all those flavor-packed goodies. Next up, add your liquor. Make sure that lid’s on tight – to avoid open air, bacteria or contaminates interfering with the process. 

Store your concoction in a cool spot that's out and out of direct sunlight. A closet or pantry will do. Every now and then, sneak in and give that jar a gentle shake. Some infusions are ready to roll in just a few days, especially if they're bold and brash like chili or garlic. But those more mellow flavors, like delicate herbs, they need a couple of weeks to fully wake up. How do you know when it’s done? – taste it! Once it hits that “oh wow” level of awesome, you're golden.

The last step for great infused liquor is to strain it. Grab a fine mesh sieve or, hey, a coffee filter works too if you're in a pinch. Pour your spirit through the sieve or filter to catch all those solid bits. You might need to do this a couple of times to make sure you're getting it as clear as possible. Once you've got your liquor looking crystal clear, funnel it into a nice, clean bottle or jar (the original container will work too). 

There you have it. Your infusion masterpiece is ready to hit the spotlight. Whether it's for a chill night in or to dazzle your buddies at your next gathering, you've just upped your home bar game big time. Now, go ahead and bask in the glory of your DIY prowess.

Be sure to follow along with more blogs to come as we continue to explore all things liquor! Common Cents Liquor is not liable for improper sealing or storage of infusion which could lead to botulism or other illness. Create at your own risk. As always, we encourage all our Common Cents Liquor Store readers to please drink responsibly. We only serve our robust whiskey to ages 21+.