Elevate Your Big Game Party: Perfect Pizza & Beer Matches
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Elevate Your Big Game Party: Perfect Pizza & Beer Matches

It’s February and that means it’s time to throw a party and watch the deciding game. After all it’s a tradition that brings together friends, family, and football fans from all over. A crucial part of this grand gathering is, of course, the food and drinks, with pizza and beer being quintessential game day favorites. But are you just randomly pairing your pizza with any beer? This year let's level up your pizza and beer game and discover the best combinations that will turn your ordinary Super Bowl party into a culinary event to remember! 


The Chemistry Behind Pizza and Beer Pairings

Uncovering the perfect pizza and beer combo is more than a simple matching game. It's an exciting journey into the world of flavors, a science that takes your dining experience to new heights. Picture your favorite slice of pizza, with its melty cheese, robust sauce, and flavorful toppings. Now imagine a beer that doesn't just wash down the pizza but enhances its flavors, elevating your taste buds to a whole new level of deliciousness.

The secret to this gastronomic adventure is the interplay between the pizza's hearty components and the beer's spectrum of bitterness, acidity, or sweetness. The various characteristics of your pizza's crust, cheese, and toppings can be magnified, balanced, or contrasted with the right beer. 

Think about it: a creamy stout might bring out the smoky notes of a BBQ chicken pizza, while a crisp lager could add the perfect zing to a simple Margherita. It's this fascinating chemistry between flavors that makes pizza and beer such a timeless duo. So, let's not just mindlessly pair them - let's explore this tasty landscape together, and make your Super Bowl party a gastronomic touchdown!

Understanding Beer Varieties for Perfect Pairing

First, we should understand the two categories every beer falls under; ales and lagers. The difference between the two is the type of yeast used in fermentation and the temperature they are fermented at. Lager is fermented using wort at a higher temperature. Ales use a different strain of yeast named saccharomyces cerevisiae which translates to “beer sugar fungus”. Yum…right?! Ale is also fermented at a lower temperature. Most people associate lagers with a light golden color and more effervescent than the ale counterpart. The reality is, the color, alcohol content and fizz of either is not determined through the fermentation process. So you could have an amazing lager with just as much bubbles as an ale equivalent. 

Now that we know about ales and lagers, let’s take a trip down the beer aisle. There are many different types of beer; pale ales, pilsners, stouts, porters, brown ales, wheat beers, sour ales and IPA; just to name a few. All of which are either lager or ale. As we continue on in our quest to find the perfect pizza pairing we now need to understand the basics of how lagers and ales taste. A Lager, with its light body and crisp flavor profile, is the go-to choice for less intense pizzas. Its lower bitterness helps it mesh well with milder toppings and cheeses, ensuring each flavor shine. 

Turning the flavor dial up, we encounter ales. These robust brews possess a depth of flavor that can match heartier pizza toppings. The vibrant character of ale brings out the best in strong cheeses and well-seasoned meats.

Dark, creamy, and rich, stouts are the choice for pizzas that pack a flavor punch. The stout’s complexity and creaminess work wonders with strong-flavored pizzas, bringing an extra layer of indulgence to every bite.

Lastly, the hop-driven bitterness of IPAs lends itself to an invigorating pairing with spicy toppings. This brew isn't shy and can go toe-to-toe with the boldest of pepperonis. By understanding these beer varieties, you'll be able to masterfully navigate the pizza and beer pairing game, ensuring a Super Bowl party that's as flavorful as it is fun.

The Classic Margherita and Pale Ale Pairing

Margherita pizza, with its trifecta of bright tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and fragrant basil leaves, offers a distinct, vibrant flavor profile. It’s simple yet elegant, calling for a beer that can both match and highlight its key ingredients. Enter the pale ale. This beer has a nice lingering bitterness that carries the hop flavor through to the finish. It slices right through the velvety richness of the cheese, creating a perfectly balanced flavor profile. The subtle maltiness of the pale ale acts like a symphony conductor, tying in the crispy pizza crust's toasty notes. This pairing is like a perfect harmony of flavors, making your Margherita's simple elegance shine even brighter. Your guests are bound to notice the thoughtful pairing and appreciate the enhanced dining experience! 

Pepperoni Pizza and American IPA - A Match Made in Heaven

The irresistible heat and tangy burst from a slice of pepperoni pizza screams for a companion with a personality just as bold. Enter the assertive American IPA. Packed with an energetic bittering hops profile and refreshing tropical notes, this beer can comfortably square off with the spice of pepperoni. It's like a game of flavor ping pong, with each bite of the pizza and each sip of the beer setting off a lively dance on your taste buds. But there's more to this pairing than their shared intensity. Underneath the IPA's robust character, you'll discover subtle notes of fruit. This refreshing layer acts as a delightful counterpoint to the rich, meaty pepperoni, introducing an unexpected twist to the flavor narrative. As you cheer for your favorite team, brace yourself for a flavor touchdown with each pepperoni pizza slice perfectly matched with a gulp of American IPA. 

Exotic Veggie Pizza and Wheat Beer

Each bite of a classic veggie pizza offers a burst of fresh flavors from bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, and onions. To navigate this colorful flavor map, you need a beer that can harmonize these varied tastes without overshadowing them. Cue the introduction of a light, fruity wheat beer.

Wheat ale brews have a unique ability to perfectly mingle with the fresh, earthy notes of the vegetables. The beer's hint of sweetness adds an extra layer to the experience, echoing the natural sweetness of bell peppers and onions, while contrasting with the brininess of the olives. The beer’s effervescence is the final touch, gently cleansing your palate between bites, keeping the taste as exciting and fresh as the first bite. 

BBQ Chicken Pizza and Brown Ale

Imagine sinking your teeth into a slice of BBQ chicken pizza, experiencing a medley of sweet, smoky, and tangy flavors, followed by a satisfying crunch of the crust. Now, enhance that sensation with a sip of brown ale. This match is not a mere coincidence but a carefully thought-out pairing that accentuates the taste of both the pizza and the beer. 

The complex, caramel-like sweetness of brown ale beautifully mirrors the sweet notes of the BBQ sauce and is a great bridge between lighter beers and a malty stout. As for the smoky taste? The brown ale’s light touch of nuttiness enriches the smokiness, enhancing the barbecue character that makes this pizza so irresistible. And don't worry about the robust chicken topping overshadowing the beer. The brown ale holds its ground with its full body, harmoniously mingling with the meat's savory flavors.

The effervescence of the brown ale also plays a crucial role. It acts like a flavor referee, ensuring your taste buds are ready for the next play - a fresh bite of your delicious pizza. With each bite and sip, you'll find this dynamic duo works in sync, each enhancing the other's unique qualities. Watch your guests faces light up as they discover the unexpected synergy between the rich, smoky pizza and the sweet, robust beer.

Tips to Remember for Pizza and Beer Pairing

As you embark on your own pizza and beer pairing adventure? Here are a few handy tips to elevate your big game party. Keep an eye on the dominant flavor of your pizza. Is it the spicy pepperoni? The smoky BBQ sauce? Or perhaps the fresh vegetables? Once you've identified the pizza, you're ready to scout for a beer companion that can either complement or contrast it. Striking a balance is the secret sauce to successful pairing. Beware of overpowering combinations - a robust beer might overshadow a milder pizza, while an intense pizza can diminish a subtle beer's character. The aim here is to create a delightful flavor dance, where each element enhances the other, not outshines it. So go ahead, take the plunge into this delicious pairing game!

Be sure to follow along with more blogs to come as we continue to explore all things liquor! As always, we encourage all our Common Cents Liquor Store readers to please drink responsibly this holiday season. We only serve our robust whiskey to ages 21+.